Sunday, December 28, 2014

Next Steps: Social Media As A Place To Share

I am thinking about many things as the new year approaches..  One is how can I help parents experience the value and importance of using social media as a platform to connect and inspire.  So I am planning a chat inviting parents and colleagues to share how they are connected and engaged with their child and what they are doing inside and outside of their classrooms.

My first chat is scheduled for Thursday, February 5th, 7-8 PM, EST. 

My goals for this event:
1. Inspire, connect with parents to hear about how they are connecting with their child's education
2. What are the tools and platforms that parents are using with their child's teachers, schools to connect
3.  Share ideas and resources about what is working well and why

Kindergarten students using @Skype to say hello with a friend in Africa!
As an America Achieves Fellow I hope to be able to model and share the synchronous and asynchronous tools that can be used to engage families and communities in regards to the amazing learning that is happening inside and outside of classrooms.

Who and How To Participate:
1. Use #familyconnect and @AAFTP to advertise and share
2. Contacting state of Vermont leaders to help publicize and share; Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, Facebook