Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Impact Project:

My Impact Project: I am sharing and building an awareness and understanding of how technology can be used to engage, enrich and interact with families to be informed about their child's learning inside and outside of the classroom.  As I begin thinking about my actions for my work, I am also thinking about "how to" best go about building an awareness of what I am presenting doing and seeking perspective from both former and present families.
So I reached out to former and present families asking for their input.  So very grateful for all their support, I begin to collect information and impressions from immediate and past families in regards to engagement.
 I created this Google Form for former families and this Google Form for present families.  I am already finding a variety of perspectives and ideas as I continue to create and design my impact project.

Moving forward I am thinking of how I can create and design opportunities for my families to engage more in the learning that is happening inside and outside of my classroom.  After an awesome Twitter chat on Saturday morning thanks to #satchat I am thinking of possibly holding an EdCamp for parents.  This is just one idea I have as I begin to think about ways to interact with families.  

Twitter is one place where I look to share how easy it easy for me, my students and others to share, reflect, collaborate and inspire others.  Last week another class tweeted a photo of my students in a video we created about how we are making  difference.  My students were so inspired and excited to see that others were interested in what we were doing that this offered another opportunity for me to highlight how we are mentors and through our sharing, we inspire others too!  This is a wonderful thing.  I need to think more about how this type of interaction can also benefit family engagement.

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