Thursday, February 19, 2015

A 2nd Twitter Chat: Family Engagement: #familyconnect: Focus: LMS

We had another successful #familyconnect chat on Twitter about Learning Management Systems(LMS) and how they engage families and students!  Storify 2! to check out our 2nd storify!  

I felt that this chat was not as engaged as the previous one.  I sensed this because not many tweets were appearing.  I am wondering about the topic I choose and if it may not of been engaging or relevant enough for people to make a contribution.  I did notice however many people who were lurking and making contributions about resources and asking if this was going to be a weekly chat.  That was great, but also has me thinking about how can I continue to inspire others to join us weekly/monthly to engage in conversations about some of our most important stakeholders, our children and their families.

Our next scheduled chat is March 12th 7-8 PM, EST.  I am thinking that maybe this might turn into a monthly event!  We will see.  I am trying to encourage past and present parents as well as colleagues to get people engaged and sharing how they are connecting and the value it has and the positive impact.  Keeping my fingers crossed!   Stay tuned........

Wondering about.....
1. What makes a chat engaging?
2. What needs to happen before during and after?
3. How can I leverage the most from a chat as well as interaction?
1. Post questions ahead of time.
2. Have a co-moderator to support 
3. Divide questions and responsibilities before chat with co-moderator to keep the chat moviing.
4. Have resources tagged ahead of time to share.
5. Invite, share and advertise on all platforms involved in to promote.

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